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Gemstone Jewellery by DaVinci Designer Jewellery-Offical Vendor at the NightQuarter Night Markets in Helensvale. Shop 60 in the "Side Street"  Fine Gemstone Jewellery Designer and Wholesaler. We Design and Retail Handmade Sterling Silver Bracelets, Silver Bangles, Gemstone Rings, and Gemstone Jewellery. Our Company deals in  Fine Jewellery Wholesale for Boutiques, Retail outlets and Galleries. Every piece of Jewellery is handmade and not cast Silver made in molds. Every handcrafted piece of Gemstone Jewellery is Unique and original. Find us at the Helensvale NightQuarter Market Container shops in Helensvale on the Gold Coast of Australia.


We use a mix of both rough gemstones and faceted gemstones in our designs. Our creative colour combinations of gemstones, make our designs to be unique and modern. We source our gemstones both rough, uncut and facet cut from exotic locations. The gems are then set in either a  Silver Brushed finish, or High polished Hallmarked Sterling Silver. Some of our Gemstone Rings are hand hammered similar to the 'Roman' style of Silversmithing. All of our Sterling Silver gemstone jewellery is Forged Silver- made by hand by talented Silversmiths. We pride ourselves on  creative design.



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